Script Auto Install BadVPN on CentOS 6 32/64Bit

Just another share, this script actually combined from several sources, especially my friend Eko and Miko. Cheers dude
Login VPS, ROOT access, script, badvpn

Let begin :

1. Login to Your VPS using ROOT access

then get this :
  • yum -y install wget
(ignore if u already have wget installed on your server)

2. Take the script

  • wget
  • chmod +x
  • ./

3. DONE  !!

check if its work or not by typing
  • ps ax

if u saw those line above at the picture, then u are ready to go

what inside the script ?
wget -P /usr/bin
yum -y install screen
sed -i '$ i\screen -AmdS badvpn badvpn-udpgw --listen-addr' /etc/rc.local
sed -i '$ i\screen -AmdS badvpn badvpn-udpgw --listen-addr' /etc/rc.d/rc.local
chmod +x /usr/bin/badvpn-udpgw
screen -AmdS badvpn badvpn-udpgw --listen-addr

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